Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Desi First Night Story

Raja age 27, tall, fair and normal body. This was his first night with his wife. His wife is Priya, she was a post-graduate in economics, age 24. Both of them are from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Both of them were working in Multi national companies, for almost the same salary. That night she was dressed in a traditional sari. Priya’s friends pushed her into the room where Raja was waiting eagerly, for his first night with his beloved wife.

Raja saw that Priya was nervous, so he went near her and carried her to the bed. She was made to sit next to him. They started to speak many things about each other while Raja was untying her pony tail and he started to caress her hair. After a while he switched off the light and they did their marital duty for the first time.

Now Raja was the only son to their parents. With much struggle they brought him up. He is a undergraduate, but somehow got a job in a IT-Industry.  Now being new to the family it was not easy for Priya to be comfortable with new family she got into. She missed her parents too.   As usual things did not go well with Priya and her mother-in-law. Also Priya wanted privacy in their life.

After some 3 months as they say, “ஆசை அறுபது நாள், மோகம் முப்பது நாள், their early love started to fade away as they both got used to each other’s body.  Now Priya was boiling inside to get away from Raja’s parents and live separately with her husband in a house near her parent’s house.   

Once her husband came from office,  Priya went to their bedroom, she smiled at him to signal she is available for intimate relationship that night, Raja was also excited, he took a chocolate and put a half in her mouth and he started tasting the other half of the chocolate and proceeded to taste her lips. Slowly they undressed each other, now Raja and Priya were in their birth costume. She was lying on his thighs, while he was sitting on the bed. She slowly started to tell her ideas.  She said, she don’t like her Parents-in-law, also she wanted him to know that her parents are in their old age, and she need to be near them, so she suggested him that they would live in a house near to their parents house.

Holding her soft body without clothes in his arms, his member could not wait to get into her eager opening. But at the same time his thoughts were in a dilemma, “Who is important Mom & Dad who raised him up with much difficulty or wife who is going to be with him the rest of his life”. He said “ Lets talk about that tomorrow”. But Priya persisted that he gives her a answer before he enters into her. That night was a disaster, both dressed up and slept.

The following days were no better, every day was like hell. Raja was torn between Parents & Wife. Priya was totally uncomfortable with her parents-in-law. Suddenly one day she went to her mother’s house and sent him a divorce document.

He tried calling her by phone, but she did not respond, Raja thinking for a long time signed the document, drops of tears fell from his eyes and into his signature

Relationships are not made to be broken, be it wife or Parents or Parents-in-law